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Debra Kamm in the News:

Epoch Times:  Irvine Unified Candidate Debra Kamm Demands Transparency (9-27-22 Epoch Times, click on blue READ button)

Epoch Times:  Irvine Parent Group Hosts Forum for 2 School Board Candidates (9-13-22)

LA Times: Irvine Unified school board changes policy after ACLU accuses agency of violating free speech (Los Angeles Times 6-9-22)

Voice of OCACLU Calls Out Irvine School Board For Suppressing Public Comments (Voice of OC 5-31-22)

Irvine Watchdog:  Irvine School Board Public Comment Policies Limit Free Speech (Irvine Watchdog 5-3-22)



OC Register:  Hope and Help for Ailing Hearts news coverage of nonprofit organization (2010)

Inside Irvine; Making a Difference; profile of nonprofit organization (2006)

Working for YOU:

California Assembly Judiciary CommitteeDebra Kamm gives main testimony to the California Assembly Judiciary Committee in opposition of SB 1100, citing concerns of abuse of power of school boards to indiscriminately label parents as "disruptive" and physically remove them from meetings.  (California Assembly Judicial Committee 6-21-22, time 1:24:15) 

Senator Anthony Portantino - attended online meeting and expressed my concern about the lack of transparency at IUSD regarding litigation against children with disabilities. (9-6-22.)


Assemblyman Kevin Kiley - met at seminar, spoke individually to express concern about Irvine Unified's board attempting to ban me from speaking at board meetings via an unconstitutional policy and blocking emails of parents to staff and board members.

California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) - provided public comment regarding concerns that Irvine Unified does not allow access to board meetings for those with children with disabilities who cannot attend in person. (9-7-22)

Office for Administrative Hearings (OAH) Advisory Committee - provided public comment on Irvine Unified's lack of transparency with settlement agreements, litigation against children with disabilities, and contracts with attorneys for up to $1,390 PER HOUR. (6-17-22)

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